Zero to 7k
with Katie Piper
Get Fit, Feel Amazing And Believe In Yourself 
With audio running workouts with Katie in your ears, motivating you all the way and body weight, core and flexibility workouts, demonstrated to you by Katie, you’ll feel fitter, healthier and full of positive energy. 

Everyone has a different reason for working out. For me I do it to stay fit and in shape and also to help me maintain a clear and positive mindset. After every run or workout I do, I instantly feel more confident and full of good energy. 

I really enjoy running and doing workouts at home that fit around my work and the kids. I absolutely love my plan and I know you will too.’

- Katie
Read This Before 
Going Any Further
A Personal Note From Katie...
Running has always had such a positive impact on my life. It clears my head, presses the reset button and helps me de-stress as well as keeping me in shape. 

When I’m consistent with my running I feel my fittest and my best, both inside and out...for me it ticks all the boxes. 

Running can seem scary, but when you know how to get started and do it the right way you’ll find that you progress quickly...and that’s exactly what this plan is all about. 

I’ve worked with award winning personal trainer, 
Katie Bulmer-Cooke, to bring this plan to life and it brings together everything I love about running with a really easy to follow structure. I have done it myself and feel proud to put my name to it.

I can’t wait for you to experience the same results and sense of achievement that I have from following the run structures and body weight workouts (which are perfect for doing at home). 

The Plan Includes
- 7 x Real Time Audio Running Workouts
- 7 x Bodyweight Conditioning Workouts
- 2 x Fast Flexibility Workouts
- 1 x Warm Up
- 1 x Cool Down & Stretch
- 1 x Downloadable Guide
- Nutrition For Running Guidance
- Weekly Workout Planner 
What Do You Actually Get?
Zero To 7k
with Katie Piper
  • 7 x Real Time Audio Running Workouts with Katie Download & Keep Forever
  • ​7 x Bodyweight Conditioning Workout Videos with Katie demonstrating all exercises
  • ​2 x Fast Flexibility Workout Videos with Katie demonstrating all exercises
  • ​1 x Warm Up Video with Katie demonstrating all exercises
  • ​1 x Cool Down & Stretch Guide with Katie demonstrating all stretches
  • ​Downloadable Guide Download & Keep Forever 
  • ​Nutrition For Running Guidance Unlock & Access
  • ​Weekly Workout Planner Download & Keep Forever
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